Let us help your foodservice small business thrive.

Byt increases your customer base and unlock additional promotional channels.

Surge of business

Gain an immediate increase in customers as Byt users take advantage of your deals.

Move inventory

Whether you need to sell surplus burger, or have a large quantity of boba that you need to move, Byt can solve this problem for you immediately.

Increase visibility

The ultimate benefit of Byt is advertising. Byt will introduce your business to an entirely new set of lasting customers.

Cost effective promotion

Unlike Groupon who charges 50% of your sales, Byt has a flat-rate fee, empowering you to offer exciting promotions at the lowest third party price on the market.

How it Works

Our goal is to provide restaurants with more customers through Byt’s users. As our partnering restaurants release promotions, we text the promos out to our entire user base. We also heavily advertise our partners’ promotions on the Byt instagram page (directing more traffic to the restaurants). 

Customers redeem their promotions simply by showing the cashier or server their Byt-texted promotion. This means our restaurants don’t need to integrate any new software into their current ordering systems.

Push Promotions

Send out promotions to all of our users, at any time. With Byt’s Push Promotions, quickly move extra inventory and speed up slow hours.

Pull Promotions

Byt allows our users to search for deals. When then a user’s search aligns with one of your current promotions, Byt’s algorithm matches the user with your promotion!

Social Media Promotion

Let us market for you. Here are three examples of what our social media promotions look like.

Simple Pricing

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